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We are waiting for you in our tattoo and piercing studio in the downtown of Budapest, even without prior registration. We’re able to satisfy all your need at a high and professional level with our experienced team of tattoo artists and piercers.

Getting tatted in the Street Art Tattoo studio will be an experience for you. Express yourself in a unique way! We will help you with this. We come up with a design or a pattern that best suits your personality. All our tests can enjoy our maximum attention in our salon. The studio is equipped with comfortable seats and modern equipments. We offer you comfort and safety during the tattoo.

Oldschool Tattoo Icon

Old School Tattoos

If you want your style to be timeless.

Geometric Tattoo Icon

Geometric tattoos

Under the spell of geometric shapes, lines, circles, and triangles.

Ink Tattoo Icon

Abstract tattoos

Abstract shapes turning into each other forming a dazzling dance.

Tattoo Machine
Minimal Tattoo Icon

Minimalist tattoos

Sometimes less is more. You can even express yourself with a good line.

Blackwork Tattoo Icon

Blackwork tattoos

The blackwork tattoo is an eternal favorite for those who like the color black.

Fineline Tattoo Icon

Fine Line tattoos

Using a thin needle, fine line treatment and toning.

Recent works

Our tattoo studio artists create in a variety of styles, check out our latest work and find the tattoo artist that matches your ideas best.

Meet the Street Art Tattoo team

A diverse company is a guarantee of extensive experience. Our tattoo artists and piercers are all demanding on the work they do, and that you leave us satisfied every time.


You come up with the idea we’ll make it happen. Based on your ideas we make a sketch for the tattoo. Based on this we calculate the price and the time to be spent on it. Then comes the actual tattoo.

A tetoválás folyamata

Get in touch

Do you have and idea waiting to be implemented? Then don’t hesitate, we are waiting for your application. Our employees will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment. 


You can read about tattooing and piercing in the Streetart Tattoo blog. We try to provide you with all the useful information on the subject so that you can come to us prepared.

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Karácsony Gergely portréja a Street Art Tattoo stúdióban: Egy őrült ötlet, ami virálissá vált! Időpontot foglalok Egy átlagos nap a Street Art Tattoo stúdióban mindig

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